Why Being a Foreign Exchange Student is Cool

High school is a very important part of a teenager’s life. This is where he gets ready for the world. This is also where he finds out who he really is, his hopes and dreams and makes a lot of friends. It is true that high school is indeed cool, but what if we tell you that you can make it cooler. How? Simple, by being an exchange student. European countries like France are accepting exchange students from Australia. So, it wouldn’t make sense if you don’t try the high school exchange France has and this article will tell you why you want it.

High school exchange France

France: the home of the baguette and the Eifel Tower

Nobody knows food and fashion like the French. The number of 5 star restaurants and successful fashion designers is an epitome of that. French cuisine is revered by food critics all over the world because of its combination of both flavor and presentation. Some of the most famous food items that the French brought us are the baguette, fillet mignon, fois gras, crème brulee, ratatouille and of course their world famous wines. In addition to that, France has a very rich tradition and culture that can be traced back to the early medieval times and the renaissance.

By trying out the high school exchange France has, you are not only immersing yourself in their culture and tradition but you are learning their food, language and lifestyle.

Why should I become an exchange student?

The High school exchange France has, just like any exchange program in any program can bring you a lot of things. A study made by a very reliable institution (University of California Merced) revealed that 97 percent of students that tried foreign exchange programs found jobs within a year after graduating from their classes. The employment rate for fresh graduates is around 47 percent. This means that students who were exchange students are twice more likely to find a job after a year of graduation.

The same study suggests that exchange students earn 25 percent higher than those who are not. This means that if the average pay for an entry job is around 30,000 dollars, ex foreign exchange students earn around 7,500 dollars more!

Things to remember

Being a foreign exchange student is not that easy. You have to deal with budgeting your own money, living on your own and being homesick. However, though these things might be hard for a normal teenager, these things will make you a better person. Like the cliché says, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Because of that, some people find High School exchange in France a risk. However, with the help of the right firm or company that will help your foreign exchange experience a lot better, you are set to have an adventure of a lifetime. Make sure that the firm or company that will help you can provide you a foster home that will adopt you during your stay. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the food, laundry and allowance are well taken care of as well in the France High school exchange Find High school exchange. Visit http://campus.com.au/.

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