How to Fundraise for Volunteer Abroad Opportunities

Let’s face it, if you are going to volunteer programs abroad, then it is going to cost your money.  These costs are typically substantial. Volunteers will not only cover the cost of travel to and from their destination but also the accommodation costs as well as various other administrative costs involved in the program.  The high cost of volunteer abroad programs may drag some people down. They may opt to do something less costly rather than spend so much and get little immediate material value down. But if volunteering is something you really want to do because it will add something meaningful to your life, then you have to come up with the money one way or another.

volunteer programs abroad
volunteer programs abroad

There are many ways in which you could raise the money. You can plan two years ahead and begin saving money for your stint.  You can get a small job in your city and allocate a small percentage of your earnings to savings that you can use to volunteer in the future. Open a volunteer programs abroad savings account with your bank for this purpose.  You can put the money in a high-interest savings account that will accumulate considerable savings over the years. Some opt for the coin bottles where they place loose change in anticipation of their volunteer stint.

Another option is through fundraising from family and friends and also through other donors who are sympathetic to your cause.  There are plenty of fundraising websites that you can use for this purpose in order to meet your targets. Here are some important tips that you can factor in when raising money for your volunteer abroad program:

Build a custom fundraising page

There are numerous peer-to-peer fundraising websites that you can use to raise money. Create a profile and describe in detail why you are raising the money and why the fundraising idea is important to you. If you are good with online marketing, you can also build a blog or website and create content around your fundraising idea in order to attract donations to your idea.

Focus on the reasons why you are volunteering

Why is the volunteering program so important to you? Get to the heart of why this is so important to you. This way, you can communicate intimately to potential donors and are likely to see donations rise.  People will always support passionate desires to make the world a better place.

Leverage existing relationships and networks

When you are networking, it is always advisable to do so with those people whose interests closely align to yours. You can easily leverage these relationships when you need assistance to accomplish something.  Make a list of everyone who could support you and get in touch with them regarding your fundraising idea.

Set a reasonable goal

If the volunteer programs abroad will cost you $6000, then focus on raising $6000. Do not overreach. People have a good idea on what a fundraising program would cost. If you attempt to inflate your costs, they will suspect you are betraying their trust and thus fail to donate. If possible, add a supporting document or link regarding the cost of your volunteering work.

Offer Incentives for donating

This is a powerful fundraising idea that often works. Give people the incentive for making donations.  Looking for affordable international volunteer programs? Check out for additional information.