Child Custody Attorneys in Nashville TN in Divorce Cases

Divorce cases get a little complicated when the couple already has children and there is a dispute on the custody of the kids. If you live in the state of Tennessee, and you have a divorce matter at hand, you need to find an able Nashville custody attorney who can help you with the smooth conclusion of the dispute besides having the divorce legally settled.

Nashville custody attorney

Specific Guidelines on Child Custody

Where there is a divorce contested by the couple in a court of law in the state of Tennessee, it is better if the man and the woman are aware of how the courts generally take a view in cases where there is a child custody issue. It goes without saying that the future of the child or children will be of primary concern to the judges, and that is the sense of the family law applicable as well. If the child is more than 12 years old, the court could rely partially on the desire or choice expressed by the child. But in most situations, series of factors are taken into consideration.

Some of the Factors for Consideration

Some of these factors, as your Nashville custody attorney will tell you, include the financial strength of either parent to take care of the education and proper upbringing of the child. The court will want to make sure that either parent is not prone to violence, which can harm the child. Then the court will also have to make an independent assessment of the affection the parents have for the child, and how to protect the same and make the parents available to the child in terms of visitation. In particular, if the mother of the child remains at home with the child, and the father moves away after divorce, then there would be clearly defined visitation rules, where the frequency, the duration and special occasions like the kid’s birthday or even spending more time during the holidays would all be mentioned.

If you are consulting any of the Franklin TN custody lawyers, or a divorce lawyer Mount Juliet TN has today, you can understand in much more detail as to how the child custody laws operate and see how they will apply to your particular case. You might learn, for example, that under the law in the state of Tennessee, the father and mother have equal rights over the child, except that each case will be specifically scrutinised and decided upon.

The Nashville custody attorney can also enlighten you on the state’s “parents bill of rights”. This has the details on the rights of both parents. Besides the right to visit and spend time with their children, the parents have the liberty to speak with their kids over the telephone. Similarly, there are provisions related to the parent moving out of their normal place of residence, with the child or children, without informing the other parent. These and other specific clauses that govern the custody of children in cases of divorces within the state of Tennessee can be learnt from the specialist divorce lawyers. If you are in Franklin, then you may get in touch with custody lawyers Franklin TN based to handle your case.

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