Looking at the different types of spill kits

In the workplace, the main causes of falls and slips usually are spills. This can result in accidents that can impact the health of the workers and physical injuries as well. They therefore need to be identified as soon as possible and then gotten rid of as per the government health and safety legislation. With the effective tools to get rid of the spills, downtime will be significantly reduced and the risk of accidents and injuries will be significantly reduced as well. According to the health and safety executive regulations, there must be an equipment that should be provided to the employees so that they are able to manage spillages safely. One main way of making this happen is having spill kits at convenient locations; especially in the areas that are considered high risk. With these in place, then workers are able to manage spillages as fast as possible which will reduce wastages and even improve the cleanup time.

This article takes a look at the different types of kits in the market.

General purpose kits

The personal protective equipment available at a workstation should be according to the kind of spills that are likely to be encountered. When it comes to small kits, the basics are safety gloves.  When it comes to large kits though, they should have more equipment like safety goggles and overalls as they are used to containing more serious spillages like oil, chemicals and solvents. A basic spill kit though has a protective clothing like safety goggles, absorbent materials like spill socks and pads, disposal bags that have tape, dustpan and a container for waste.

Oil fuel kits

Oil spills or fuels have to be contained to reduce the likelihood of accidental injuries happening. There also need to be spill kit signs placed on the locations with these kits. Oil kits should have absorbent socks that will be instrumental in containing the fluid, drain and cover. If you have a problem of frequent oil spillages or potentially hazardous chemicals, then you are advised to invest in environmental services equipment like mobile granule dispensers that help in prompt cleaning of large spillages. Visit at absorb enviro

According to the health and safety executive regulations, appropriate equipment must be provided to the employees so that they are able to manage spillages safely.

Chemical spill kits are the best remedy when it comes to dealing with a range of chemicals that are likely to be encountered in the workplace. The spillage risk needs to be assessed and the proper pollution control products made available to the workers to make certain that the chemicals can be cleaned in a safe way. Personal protective clothing is necessary when it comes to dealing with chemicals. The range should include goggles, gloves and the overalls.

The use of spill kits should always be monitored so that once items are used they are replenished. Also, you can buy individual materials for these kits as there are items that are commonly used like the absorbent pads and the granules.  You can buy different types of kits that will help to contain different types of spillages depending on your work environment.

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